Financial Services & Retail

Financial services are rapidly changing to adapt to as consumers demand a more personalized, secure and accessible solutions to their banking needs. Converlogic offers those solutions in a variety of ways.

Mobile & Apps

Whether you are running late to work and also need to make a payment, transferring funds to a different account or simply leisurely shopping online, our Financial Solutions offer a secure and efficient environment to make your on the go life seamless

eBanking & eCommerce

Converlogic’s goal is for you to create a secure mobile environment for your customers. We enable you to make online banking and shopping secure and convenient from any location in the world.

Cards & Payment

Using EMV as underlying technology, Converlogic offers Digital Payment technology in different ways. To accommodate your specifications and requierements, we supply total range of form factors.

Platform & Services

Our platforms make personalizing so easy. We like to give the option to customize, in different ways with art, by using our innovative customization services


There are several communication protocols used by Point of Sale Systems to control its attached peripherals. And due to the inter-connectivity nature of Point of Sale Systems, most POS peripherals, such as touch-screen displays and printers support several command protocols in order to work with various different brands of Point of Sale (POS) Terminals and Computers. Investing in a professionally installed and maintained POS system will save time and help increase your bottom line. Using our integrated products with POS system to control your bussiness current revenue base will allow it to capitalize on current revenue and make room for increased sales and customers.