Mobile network operators are at the core of reliable mobile services and applications. The communication services of network operators are an essential connection between end users and third-party providers (e.g. financial service providers or companies with mobile services for employees and customers), and proprietary services and applications. A large proportion of mobile devices – from conventional feature phones through high-end smartphones and tablets – are sold via the distribution channels of network operators.

Connectivity & Network

Mobile connectivity needs to become a standard feature for M2M and consumer electronics devices in order to keep up with this “on the go” generation. On-Demand Connectivity provides remote provisioning and mobile subscription management that enables instant broadband connectivity to a wide variety of new connected devices, regardless of location. Addressing the M2M (including connected cars, smart grid, home automation, etc.) and consumer electronics markets (including connected tablets, connected wearable, and all others electronic devices), ODC helps operators and device manufacturers to offer a seamless and flexible customer mobile subscription management experience throughout the entire lifecycle of a device.


Long Term Evolution (LTE) is the latest generation of mobile network technology introduced to provide and all IP based mobile network infrastructure with greatly improved data bandwidth capacity. LTE is quickly gaining acceptance as MNO’s move to ensure their customers sufficient capacity for their social networking and “At your fingertips” internet lifestyles. With the LTE, SIM and OTA management’s applications play a key role. It must be compatible with earlier network generations that will be in place for years to come. (ie: GSM, UMTS, CDMA). LTE is on an IP based network, which means that data is transferred between network nodes on the IP rather than telecom-specific standards leasing to large savings and operational costs due to there being fewer network nodes.

NFC & Mobile Commerce

Converlogic offers market-leading NFC solutions for contactless mobile payments and services, enabling mobile network operators, transport networks, banks, retailers and other service providers to deliver NFC experiences.

Mobile ID & Security

The issue of securing the digital identity of all those mobile individuals in the real and online worlds has risen in demand. In order to respond and facilitate the management of digital identities, Converlogic designs and develops innovative solutions that make digital lives simpler and more secure.