With contactless technology coming to the fore around the world, queuing and paying at limited locations for a ticket or to top up a pass seems a little outdated. With our contactless products we can increase efficiency, reduce operational costs, reduce fraud and fare evasion and the most important benefit, save money

Contactless Cards

With more and more people using public transportation, Converlogic offers a contactless card for passengers for an easier and faster way to travel. Passengers just hold their card within two inches of a reader to pay or securely authenticate ticket or pass. The benefits of this technology is the speed and convenience, the flexibility, security and cost.

NFC & Services

NFC mobile can be used by commuters as a contactless transport ticket. Passengers can enjoy a convenient and carefree travel experience, and avoid unnecessary delays in transit of any size. Meanwhile, transport operators want an iron locked, fraud-reducing and cost-effective transport ticketing solution.