When developing Smart Card based applications for companies, there are certain criteria to consider. Whether your specifications call for Native or JavaCard applications, Converlogic is able to provide the necessary features and know-how in order to meet your customer's demands.

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Our experience in the telecoms sector allows our team to develop full package solutions. Converlogic is up-to-date with all industry requirements. Particularly, our R&D team has developed Java Card applications for the mobile ecosystem. Ask customer support for our latest list of applets such:

  • TOP UP RETAILERS: Reseller of prepaid recharge
  • SMART ROAMING: Auto configuration of roaming
  • ROAMING BROKER: Alternative multi-IMSI roaming
  • INTERNATIONAL CALL BACK: Cost effective solution for customers roaming
  • BUSY CALLS: Sending predefined SMS after rejected an appeal
  • MISSED CALLS: SMS notification of missed calls
  • DUAL IMSI: Two mobile subscriptions for a single user
  • IMEI TRACKING: System which tracks the mobile phones used
  • WELCOME MESSAGE: Welcome message to roamers
  • ROAMING MANAGER: Dynamic roaming manager
  • HOME ZONING: Dual subscription, fixed and mobile
  • CHAT: Instant messenger
  • LOCATION BASED SERVICE: Bring services based on geographic customer location
  • BANKING: M-banking secure services
  • MICROBROWSING: S@t, wib and proprietary


The configuration for various Smart Cards is a powerful technology that supplies retailers and other professionals with the ability to personalize information. Based on our customers' specific needs and their consumer demands, Converlogic can supply the key solutions to successful customization according to usage.