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FleXENTERâ„¢ Platform

As the intelligent gateway between subscribers and Service Content Providers (GSM/UMTS or CDMA2000), this platform is the core of the system, bringing a cost-effective layer in order to build a turn-key solutions portfolio, from the basics IOD, Micro-browsing, LBS, OTA and Cryptographic Services for Banking Applications.

FlexOTAâ„¢ Platform

The FlexOTA generic platform server is for all operator network application servers. This platform connects The FlexOTA generic platform creates a communication channel between the SIM/USIM and the operator, enabling the operator to stay in touch with its customers, update the cards with both operator and subscriber-centric applications, and maintain a relevant service based on its subscribers' needs. Content includes updates for preferred roaming lists, service subscription and other data management. The benefit to the operator is an ability to keep in touch with their subscribers while reducing the heavy costs and hassle of frequently replacing SIM/USIM as services evolve.

Device Manager

As technology advances, operators , handset providers and end users, are focusing on a wide variety of sophisticated services. The main challenges for today's operators are to keep up with a continuous demand for "smarter" technology. The Device Manager is a tool that updates handsets when necessary, keeping you at the forefront of the industry and allowing your customers to benefit from these high-end services. The Converlogic IMEI tracking applet is the perfect couple for the entire automatic control system. As active member of Open Mobile Alliance (OMA), our OTA platform complies with the latest industry standards.