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The complete tool for GSM / UMTS / CDMA network operators. You can explore, test, compare SIM / USIM cards, handset simulator for STK applications, as well as security simulator A3A8 authentication. The ideal tool useful: SIM providers of certification processes, quality assurance processes, testing and O & M process.

SMPP Tester 3.4™

A complete protocol SMPP 3.4 Tester, oriented to VAS service provider , useful to test and verify the SMSC capabilities in order to manage BINARY SMS OTA. Compatible with GSM/UMTS and CDMA2000 Networks. Contact our product support for a DEMO version.

SIM/USIM Designer™

Never has the added value service been created so easily, been programmed, compiled and tested with JavaCard and Native STK builder. Contact our product support for a DEMO version

Green Spy

Green Spy detects communication between handsets and UICC cards, according to ISO 7816 standard, and ensures the correspondence between the two entities. Contact our technical support for a DEMO version.


Oriented for the Customer Care Department, is a “easy-to-Use” tool that allows you to copy the personal information for SIM/USIM Swap process (Phonebook, SMS, LDN), enable to update STK applications and Network parameters (PRL, EPRL, HPLMN, PLMN), as well as re-branding name Process. Contact our product support for a DEMO version.