The Synapsys Cashless System is the real state-of-the-art payment system developed for the vending market. This advanced solution is based on the smart card technology. Converlogic developed a proprietary operating system using the latest encryption algorithm in order to create a secure payment platform in a cost effective model.

  • Supports traditional and latest protocols like Executive and MDB
  • Extremely flexible because each reader comes with four (4) SAM slots. This advantage permits to share cards between resellers. When you want to enable your vending machine to accept 3th parties cards, you need only to insert the new SAM card in one slot
  • It is possible to connect directly the reader to an electronic coin validator or note reader in order to reload the cards
  • The system includes a smart card USB reader and the master card for auditing process; made easier by a quick and easy system of data reading
  • The smart card can be personalised and printed on full colour two sides upon request
  • You can include several applications on the cards in order to full fill the most exigent project, fingerprint and biometric information can be stored for ID integration