Mobile & Apps

  • Whether you are running late to work and also need to make a payment, transferring funds to a different account or simply leisurely shopping online, our Financial Solutions offer a secure and efficient environment to make your on the go life seamless


E-Banking & e-commerce

  • Converlogic’s goal is for you to create a secure mobile environment for your customers. We enable you to make online banking and shopping secure and convenient from any location in the world.


  • The configuration for various Smart Cards is a powerful technology that supplies retailers and other professionals with the ability to personalize information. Based on our customers’ specific needs and their consumer demands, Converlogic can supply the key solutions to successful customization according to usage.

Cards & Payment

  • Using EMV as underlying technology, Converlogic offers Digital Payment technology in different ways. To accommodate your specifications and requirements, we supply total range of form factors.


  • Converlogic offers market-leading NFC solutions for contactless mobile payments and services, enabling mobile network operators, transport networks, banks, retailers and other service providers to deliver NFC experiences.