• The complete tool for GSM / UMTS / CDMA network operators. You can explore, test, and compare SIM / USIM cards, handset simulator for STK applications, as well as security simulator A3A8 authentication.
    The ideal tool useful: SIM providers of certification processes, quality assurance processes, testing and O & M process.


SIM/USIM Designer™

  • Never has the added value service been created so easily, been programmed, compiled and tested with Java Card and Native STK builder.

Contact our product support for a DEMO version


2.3. SMPP Tester 3.4™

  • A complete protocol SMPP 3.4 Tester, oriented to VAS service provider , useful to test and verify the SMSC capabilities in order to manage BINARY SMS OTA. Compatible with GSM/UMTS and CDMA2000 Networks. Contact our product support for a DEMO version.

Green Spy

  • Green Spy detects communication between handsets and UICC cards, according to ISO 7816 standard, and ensures the correspondence between the two entities. Contact our technical support for a DEMO version.